Just barely made it.

I almost made it a full year without posting new work on my site and/or blog. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of paying that domain fee, huh?

Been a crazy year that's for sure. Sometimes life has a habit of sending you on a weird trip that you never saw coming. Last year about this time, I was offered a job at World Wrestling Entertainment, which if you know me now or as a child, is absolutely bonkers. I've been a closeted pro wrestling fan for most of my life. Taping Saturday Night's Main Event and watching it over and over again. We didn't have cable, and our reception out at our house wasn't great, so I've seen/heard Macho Man yell at Hulk Hogan about the lust in his eyes (through TV fuzz) over a hundred times at least. I bought every wrestling action figure that I could afford with my allowance,  sometimes saving my lunch money all week. If they didn't make one of someone, I would get out a box of sculpey and paint and make my own.  When I got older and the testosterone started to flow, I got involved what is now known as "backyard wrestling" with my friends. I escaped relatively unscathed, with only a separated shoulder, stitches in my mouth, and a concussion to speak of. 

Needless to say, I took the job. I moved up to Stamford, Connecticut in October. Didn't know anyone there, save for a few friends about an hours distance away in New York City. No doubt its been interesting. I've never been required to work at such a rate of speed, and I've spent more hours pathing and silhouetting half-naked men (and women) than I care to speak of.

This was one of the first projects I worked on when I started working there. Its not anything groundbreaking in the grand scheme of things, but I'll always hold it in high regard for what it represents: Following your dreams even when they are bound to cause you great discomfort. Sometimes you have to look back to the things that made you happy as a kid.

I hope my 7-year-old self is proud of me.