Out of Step. One Step Ahead.

Armed with a childlike imagination, I present unbounded and inspired design.  My painfully dry sense of humor and personable nature bring a breath of fresh air to creative work.  I am incredibly suited to build with any kind of client.  Add to that a maniacal sense of creativity and experience throughout the visual world and you have Adam McGinnis.

For the last fifteen years I have created apparel, brand identity, magazines, style guides, advertising campaigns, packaging, and countless other visual projects.  I’ve strategically worked in a wide variety of environments to put myself in the best position for success.  Though I specialize in children and youth demographics, I am more than suitable for any design market.

From overseeing an entire brand, having a hand in a start-up advertising agency, developing an entire apparel line from start to finish, to working with high profile clients I can be tossed into any area of visual and creative work and thrive.  From Day One I was given an accelerated crash-course in art direction—immediately put in charge of photo shoots, print production, and large projects.  Sink-or-swim.  And I swam.  My beginnings, enhanced by my continued experience in the industry, puts me ahead of the curve in learning and understanding the inner-workings of a successful branding and design firm.  You have an idea for your brand, your product.  I make that idea happen and it’s fresh, focused and polished.